Information and Booking


General information


  • Free parking.

  • Open from 10.00-16.00

  • 5 minute walk from the train station.

  • Entry fee: 35Kr (1 adult)

  • Entry fee payment with cash or mobilepay.

  • Free entry for children under the age of 10 (accompanied by an adult)

  • Free entry for Cosplayers.

  • Its possible to buy food, water, soda and coffee.


Any questions - please send us an Email: 


Fully Booked

Vendor / Seller

Do you wish to have a booth at Geekcon?

Please use the application form below.

  • Price: 99Kr = 1 table (2.5m x 80cm)

  • Admission for 1 Vendor and 1 Assistant.

  • Extra pair of hands needed? 35kr for each person.

  • Payment for booking - within 30 days.

  • Doors open for vendors at 06.00

  • Everybody must be ready at 10.00

  • Do not "close shop" before 16.00

Further information will be sent on Email.

Nykoebing Falster Arena

Noerre Boulevard 4a

4800 Nykoebing Falster

Geekcon kort.jpg